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Job opportunity

The laboratory of Prof. Perrine Castets is looking for a motivated post-doctoral fellow to develop epigenetic studies in the context of skeletal muscle and neuromuscular junction. Deadline for applications: 1 July 2021

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"Themed workshops" Call

The first ENMC call for "Themed workshops" (workshops that adress a particularly urgent/needed topic in the neuromuscular research and patients community) is: Post-Covid-19: issues and opportunities for the neuromuscular field. To apply with a workshop on this topic, please follow the guidelines of ENMC workshop applications.

Deadline: 30 September 2021
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The 26th International Annual Congress of the World Muscle Society

Online, 20-24 September 2021

Rather than the usual topic format, this year abstract submission will be based on a longer list of topics.

Registration open, Programme available


Early Career Programme

Interested in participating in one of the upcoming ENMC workshops? If you are a young scientist (up to 5 years from your PhD defense) you may be eligible for a free participation.

List of upcoming ENMC workshops
Young Scientists Programme, conditions and guidelines


Mentoring Programme

Do you see yourself as a future leader in NMD research? The just launched ENMC mid-career mentoring programme aims at helping the next generation of specialists and research leaders to develop their full potential and facilitate effective communication and collaboration with multiple stakeholders in the current NMD landscape.
Deadline for the first application round: 1 July 2021.

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28th International FSHD Research Congress

online, 24-25 June 2021

The FSHD Society’s annual FSHD International Research Congress is the premier global conference exclusively focused on facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy research.

Registration open


New Directions Conference

28 June- 1 July 2021, hybrid

The biennial meeting is organized by H. Lee Sweeney and Elizabeth McNally. The conference will highlight current developments in muscle biology, disease, and therapy with presentations by leading international researchers.

Registration closed


Is myopathy part of long-Covid?

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31 Mai 2021

Structural and functional analysis of LIM domain-dependent recruitment of paxillin to αvβ3 integrin-positive focal adhesions.

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24 Mai 2021

Single-cell profiling of myasthenia gravis identifies a pathogenic T cell signature.

Single-cell profiling of myasthenia gravis identifies a pathogenic T cell signature.
Ingelfinger F, Krishnarajah S, Kramer M, Utz SG, Galli E, Lutz M, Zwicky P, Akarca AU, Jurado NP, Ulutekin C,...

17 Mai 2021

Nanopattern surface improves cultured human myotube maturation.

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05 Mai 2021

Multi-omics comparisons of different forms of centronuclear myopathies and the effects of several therapeutic strategies.

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30 April 2021

Newborn screening programs for spinal muscular atrophy worldwide: Where we stand and where to go.

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17 April 2021

Muscle Stem Cell Quiescence: Controlling Stemness by Staying Asleep.

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15 April 2021

Urolithin A improves muscle function by inducing mitophagy in muscular dystrophy.

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07 April 2021