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4th International Scientific Congress on SMA

Ghent, Belgium, 14-16 March 2024

The goal of the scientific congress is to bring together an international and multi-disciplinary group of scientists and health-care professionals.

Abstract submission until September 30th


Imaging in Neuromuscular Disease Conference

Berlin, Germany 5-7 November 2023

The conference aims at promoting exchanges between radiologists, neurologists, biologists, physicists, engineers, and other scientists involved in neuromuscular imaging, particularly but not exclusively focusing on MR imaging and spectroscopy. The main topics selected for the 2023 edition are: emerging imaging approaches, other imaging modalities, dynamic imaging, and clinical research.

Info and deadlines


20th IIM Meeting

Assisi, Italy, 12-15 October 2023

This event aims to create an event in which scientists, clinicians and patient representatives have the opportunity to listen to the latest discoveries in the field, share results and ideas, and initiate new collaborations. The meeting is open to all researchers from Italy and abroad.

Registration open


19th annual meeting of the Oligonucleotide Therapeutics Society

Barcelona, 22-25 October 2023 (hybrid)

The meeting serves as a continuum for dialogue and discussion among industry, academia and health authorities to educate and share progress on the basic research and therapeutic development of oligonucleotides, including antisense, siRNA, immunostimulatory and aptamer applications, RNA/DNA editing and mRNA therapeutics as well as basic RNA research.

Early bird until September 22nd


New papers


Loss of TDP-43 oligomerization or RNA binding elicits distinct aggregation patterns.

Pérez-Berlanga M, Wiersma VI, Zbinden A, De Vos L, Wagner U, Foglieni C, Mallona I, Betz KM, Cléry A, Weber J, Guo Z, Rigort R, de Rossi P, Manglunia R, Tantardini E, Sahadevan S, Stach O,...

04 September 2023

SPTLC1 p.Leu38Arg, a novel mutation associated with childhood ALS.

Lone MA, Zeng S, Bourquin F, Wang M, Huang S, Lin Z, Tang B, Zhang R, Hornemann T.
Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol Lipids. 2023 Sep;1868(9):159359.

01 September 2023

Transgene-free direct conversion of murine fibroblasts into functional muscle stem cells.

Qabrati X, Kim I, Ghosh A, Bundschuh N, Noé F, Palmer AS, Bar-Nur O. NPJ Regen
Med. 2023 Aug 8;8(1):43.

08 August 2023

Guideline "Motor neuron diseases" of the German Society of Neurology (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurologie).

Petri S, Grehl T, Grosskreutz J, Hecht M, Hermann A, Jesse S, Lingor P, Löscher W, Maier A, Schoser B, Weber M, Ludolph AC.
Neurol Res Pract. 2023 Jun 15;5(1):25.

15 Juni 2023

The mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU) activates mitochondrial respiration and enhances mobility by regulating mitochondrial redox state.

Weiser A, Hermant A, Bermont F, Sizzano F, Karaz S, Alvarez-Illera P, Santo-Domingo J, Sorrentino V, Feige JN, De Marchi U.
Redox Biol. 2023 Jun 4;64:102759.

04 Juni 2023

Inhibiting de novo ceramide synthesis restores mitochondrial and protein homeostasis in muscle aging.

Lima TI, Laurila PP, Wohlwend M, Morel JD, Goeminne LJE, Li H, Romani M, Li X, Oh CM, Park D, Rodríguez-López S, Ivanisevic J, Gallart-Ayala H, Crisol B, Delort F, Batonnet-Pichon S, Silveira LR,...

17 Mai 2023

ConFERMing the role of talin in integrin activation and mechanosignaling.

Bachmann M, Su B, Rahikainen R, Hytönen VP, Wu J, Wehrle-Haller B. J Cell Sci. 2023 Apr 15;136(8):jcs260576.

15 April 2023

Nerve pathology is prevented by linker proteins in mouse models for LAMA2-related muscular dystrophy.

Reinhard JR, Porrello E, Lin S, Pelczar P, Previtali SC, Rüegg MA. PNAS Nexus. 2023 Mar 15;2(4):pgad083.

01 April 2023

CERT1 mutations perturb human development by disrupting sphingolipid homeostasis.

Gehin C, Lone MA, Lee W, Capolupo L, et. al.
J Clin Invest. 2023 Mar 28:e165019.

28 März 2023